Point of Sales and Inventory Systems

Most establishments nowadays utilize a Point of Sale (POS) system to manage different aspects of business operations aside from handling sales transactions itself. It is efficient and requires less time to operate, giving the store staff more time to interact with the customers. Using one also eliminates the need for paperwork for accounting purposes.

A computerized inventory system can help a store forecast its future orders. It also helps the store owner in coming up with promos to boost the sale of the store and in deciding what items to put on sale. There is also a lesser opportunity for human error in terms of counting of stocks as it is already done automatically. Shop

There are also POS systems with an integrated inventory management system. Once a customer purchased a product, the system will record the sales transaction and subtract the product bought from the inventory system. This process optimizes the efficiency of the system where it was able to multitask and generate data for two different business aspect.

Furthermore, the integration of inventory management in the POS system provides business owners and managers with sufficient information for timely ordering and balanced inventory. There is also a way that to track purchase order and monitor whether the order is already in transit or if it will be arriving soon. Some POS systems also allows for managing inventory for stores in different locations. Buy & Sell products POS

Vend is one of the POS systems with an integrated inventory management system. From this inventory system, a store manager can assign barcodes to each of his products that will aid to the faster sales transactions. Bundling of products for special promotions such as gift baskets, gifts with purchase, and other deals can also be done automatically using this software, eliminating the need for any manual work. Products are also easily categorized into name, type, brand, supplier, for faster generation of reports and inventory counts.

There are also other POS systems that can handle inventory management, as well. These POS systems include, but not limited to, Cashier Live, EdgePOS, GiftLogic, Lavu, Lightspeed, Springboard, and Square. There are still a lot but the store has to find one that best fit his line of business and the needs of his customers. Factors such as security, functionality, additional features, provision of support, and usability should also be taken into consideration when choosing what POS to use.  Multi-store POS – Windward point of sale software, inventory control, ERP system

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